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About The Product

Wheel Charge Technologies has created the first ever wireless power charging system for your mobility device that focuses on making charging easy and comfortable for your lifestyle. Our patent-pending charging system adapts to any wheel chair or scooter in North America and installs within seconds. There is no need to change the hardware components of the chair.


Our development team saw a need for a simpler charging device in the wheel chair market when one of our family members was forced to get her first electric wheel chair due to arthritis. Plugging in the charging cable was far too difficult to manage due to the arthritis affecting her hands. We sought to solve the problem through innovation and using wireless power technology to allow her to live her life without the hassle of cords.

The Product

The Wheel Charge Power Deck mounts securely on the wall in any home, hospital or business setting. The charge paddle holds securely to the deck using magnetic resonance and is easily removed to connect to the receiver on the wheel chair. We utilize the charging power of QI certified transmitters and receivers to instantly start powering the device in a safe and secure way.



The receiving deck can mount on any wheel chair and connects to the standard receptacle on the device. There is no need to modify the hardware. Everything about our innovative charging device is designed to be implemented and utilized in a simple manner and focus on the lifestyle of the user.

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